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SUBJECT Israeli e-Sports National Championships 2017 Is Underway DATE 2017-04-18

Israeli e-Sports National Championships 2017 Is Underway


Registration is now open for the official and largest gaming competition in Israel taking place in August 15th-17th


Ido Brosh, Founder and CEO of 4DV, said:"We view the value of promoting Israel as a world leader in Electronic Sports as the supreme value of our company, and hope that this year's national championship, which is expected to be the largest ever, will turn the spotlight to this important and profitable sport in Israel. With 27 countries already recognizing e-Sports as an official competitive sport, and an International Federation working for the global recognition of this industry, we are convinced that it is inevitable for Israel to join the global revolution in this field."


The Israeli e-Sports National Championship, held for the sixth year during the largest and most prestigious event in the region, opens its gates for the best players who wants to compete for the 2017 Israeli e-Sports Champions title.


The competition is organized by the Israeli e-Sports Association (RA) and will be produced by 4DV, which constantly operates throughout the year to make Israel a global center for gaming and e-Sports. The free registration will begin tomorrow, April 20th, and will last for two weeks.


This year, the competition is expected to be greater than ever with over 1,500 players competing in the top ten most popular e-Sports titles in Israel. More than 4,000 visitors are expected to attend the event, which will last from three days, August 15th-17th,at the Rishon Lezzion Culture Hall.


The final event will take place on the main stage of the championship with 1000 live audience and additional thousands of viewers from home via live broadcast online and TV.


Whoever claims the first place in the competition and becomes the Israeli 2017 National Champions will be eligible to represent Israel at the 2017 e-Sports World Championship, which is taking place for the 9th time, and is considered the largest and only international e-Sports event based on national teams. The event is organized by the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), of which Israel is a member, in the city of Busan, South Korea in November. Additional prizes in the Israeli e-Sports Championship include cash, gaming equipment and additional prizes to be announced soon.


The event will be attended by world and local industry leaders. Last year's guest of honor was Enrique 'xPeke' Martinez of Spain, for world champion in League of Legends and one of the most popular e-Sports athletes in the world.


Among local talents who are expected to secure a spot in the championship is Elad "Kafe" Vaknin, the world's top ranked player in Overwatch. In addition, former Israeli Champions in League of Legends as well as members of past Israeli national teams to IeSF World Championships are also expected to participate in this year's national championship. The event is expected to be visited by leading YouTube and Twitch personalities in Israel. Further details will be revealed soon.


For Further Information, please contact Noa Moshe Lalom
+972 542 588 835,


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