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SUBJECT Italian e-Sports Association announced the opening of beginner course to Electronic Sports DATE 2017-04-12

Introduction to Electronic Sports esports courses

Italian e-Sports Association is proud to announce the opening of beginner course to Electronic Sports. This course is certified by a Sports Promotion Bodies, MSP Italian Popular Sports Movement, recognized by Italian National Olympic Committee.


The aim of the course is to introduce the competitive game League of Legends to all fans and/or those approaching the game for the first time. Therefore, the target audience of this course are all potential players wishing to partecipate in tournaments or get closer to how League of Legends is played at a competitive level. Some aspects of eSports Psychology that will be useful for the practical lessons will also be covered.


This first course focuses on both exercise science principles and game management theory and practice. The large variety of lessons, 30 on 26 days, ensures that gamers have explored all basic aspects of the game. At the end of this first course of study, students are equipped for entry level competition, ELO bronze/silver, and ready to start next course: League of Legends II.


The League of Legends I suit students who have a passion for e-Sport, whether it be to enhance their knowledge base, to improve their own competitive performance and to seek the real opportunities for careers in the e-Sport industry.


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