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SUBJECT [Game Life] Jay’s Game Selection of the month:Homerun Battle Series DATE 2013-03-07

My game selection for this month is Homerun Battle Series, which I list the best among mobile games. Homerun Battle Series was developed by Com2us which is one of the leading mobile game developing companies within Korean market, and includes 2 versions Homerun Battle 3D and Homerun Battle 2.

The newest version of its series, Homerun Battle 2, was unveiled at the end of 2011.Although it seems a bit late to review the game, the reason why I selected it is that I think that Homerun Battle is the most optimized game for e-sports, which is hardly seen among mobile games.

Homerun Battle 2 has been published to 134 countries through Google Play Store and 156 countries through Apple App Store.

Game Method: Simple, but addictive

The method of Homerun Battle may be fairy styled sort of homerun derby. Simply, the player takes a role as a batter, and attempt homerun by batting the ball. You can set the target point as tipping the device (tablet or phone), and hit the ball with timed touch. But it is not that easy since the pitching type and speed are differed by levels (At the highest level, pitcher throws a fork ball with 150 km/h.) Anyways, for the simple and gripping game method, Homerun Battle has the low barriers to entry for users.

In 2010, Homerun Battle 3D was selected as a demonstration title at IeSF 2010 Grand Final held in Dagu city, Korea. All the players and visitors from all over the world enjoyed the game with unstudied ease. Referring to this fact, we can see it has high degree of completion and congeniality to users.

In addition, using ‘gold ball’ which is the game money, customization of character is available, and capacity level can be improved through purchasing equipment and gears. ‘Gold ball’ can be earned randomly during game play, or when winning at network mode, or accomplishing missions.

Best Suitability for e-sports through network play

Homerun Battle supports single and network play modes. Single mode, for the Homerun Battle 2, consists of arcade and burning mode for individual records, and training mode for individual practice.

Furthermore, the network mode that Homerun Battle provides is one innovative mode showing the possibility of mobile games to become e-sports game titles. The main factor is that the real time competition is possible. Differed from most of mobile games applying taking-turn system, playing is competition within Homerun Battle. 2 players get in completion simultaneously, and the game gets over when a player achieves certain points though more homerun and cycling. Then, points and gold balls are distributed to winner and loser, and the global ranking is calculated through the sum of points.

This network play diversified even more as the version upgraded to Homerun Battle 2. In the version of Homerun Battle 3D, it was just dual mode which compete for points. However, in Homerun Battle 2, Survival mode, which compete for longer survival with using randomly give items, and Mission mode played through cooperation between users are added. This provides users motivation not to get bored and keep playing, as they can choose any mode they want to play.

Potential to grow as global e-sports title

Not only for the network system stated above, have Homerun Battle Series secured user base worldwide. In Asia, Europe, North America and even South America, it is even exceeding the size of an online game.

Even more tremendous thing is that, although the network play among users from various nations is operated on the wireless mobile platform, they provide smooth stream without disconnection.

When compared to online games, this implies many things. Basically,e-sports premise online competition, but smooth competition is not always allowed because of lag derived from gaps among conditions of local servers. This is a task to solve for all e-sports titles in the future;however, Homerun Battle is already a lot closer to the solution.

Expectation for Homerun Battle in the future

Anyways, through this network play and the worldwide base of users,Homerun Battle Series is getting closer to e-sports as a mobile game title.

Fairness and immediacy for the match, which are crucial factors of e-sports,are basically secured. Moreover, along with the IT and mobile industry drastically growing, it is expected to approach to the users with more various routes.

From the personal perspective, implication of Homerun Battle Series is that it improves its PLC (Product Life Cycle) as securing e-sports factor. Most of mobile games have lower PLC compared to the games of other platforms. New games are published every day, and old games are vanishing.

However, in case of Homerun Battle 2, many users from all over the world still play it since 2011, the company has been continuously producing items and responding to the users’ needs.

I would like to see Homerun Battle Series may set the success story of a mobile game in e-sports market through more direct participation and exposure within e-sports tournaments.

The company, Com2us, has already shown the potential enough. With the increase of its life cycle through users’ loyalty which e-sports market contains, how about obtaining the fame as ‘the very 1st e-sports specialist mobile game company’?

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