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SUBJECT [Game Life] Jay’s Game of January: TEKKEN DATE 2013-02-06

I am glad to talk about "TEKKEN" series, which is one of my favorite games, as the first story of my column. "TEKKEN" is a representing game in fighting action genre, which has been produced and puvlished by Namco Bandai in Japan. Since 1994, Namco Bandai has released 8 version of "TEKKEN", and the latest version, "TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2" was World Championship. "TEKKEN" has been gaining popularity, boasting more than 40 characters and balance of all characters.

 In IeSF World Championship held in last October 2012, more than 30 national players from all around the world participated in "TEKKEN" and proved its global status. "TEKKEN" has been serviced with 2 types of platform=Arcade and Console(Playstation 3 & X Box)

 Catching up with new format of IeSF Newsletter, I have got a chance to analyze brilliant e-Sports titles or games which have possibility for e-Sports title. I would like all readers to have fun with my column.

Simple control & Glamorous Action

What do you think the best feature of “TEKKEN” series? I think “TEKKEN”’s low entry barrier to players with simple control. In “TEKKEN”, you can show more than 30 commands with only 4 buttons and 1 lever. Each button represents left & right punch and kick.

With these simple devices, even beginners can approach TEKKEN easily. Of course, It is hard to master all commends and combos, so those beginners tend to be maniacs easlily.

Competitiveness: Mind & Psychological competition

TEKKEN is further from other fighting action games which players gain upper hands with express high level of commands. In practice, a real charm of watching matches of TEKKEN is not the commands, but the psychological warfare such as check and balance and dodging.

Therefore, most masters of TEKKEN have a sense to analysis the pattern and style of opponents, and players without those kinds of sense often present the victory to opponents without 1 blow.

Spectating Factor: the highest value for being a e-Sports title

TEKKEN is a great game that makes spectators understand games easily, which is one of the most important factors of e-Sports title. As a game is superb in lots of factors, e-Sports fans and spectators tend to have difficulty in in understanding matches.

In this point of view, most people are easy to understand which player is better with life gauge and commends. In e-Sports stadium in Korea where TEKKEN tournaments was held, not only users but women fans who could not play TEKKEN got together and enjoyed the matches.

Evolving to e-sports title through network-wise of console and arcadedevices

Console devices are usually regarded as household game player. However,since middle of 2000, the network system integrated with the console device and made it possible for console games to be operated in online. This means online e-Sports tournaments of console games as well as games based on PC are available and it seems to speed up vitalizing e-Sports.

Although lag situation in online matches in console games was one of problems, it has been revised in TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2, the latest version of TEKKEN series, so that users can enjoy matches not only with players next door, but with a player at the other side of the world.

Also, network system has been adopted in arcade version. It support players to check their off-line ranking and playing data in online. With this service,players can know the best player in their region and challenge each other to a duel.


I started playing TEKKEN since 1999, when TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT was rising high in Korea. I also have a winning record of TEKKEN TOURNAMENT hosted by a game center in Busan in 2002. Since that, I have been a massive fan of TEKKEN.

Also, when I started to work in e-Sports field, I wanted to make TEKKEN an excellent e-Sports title and my first performance in IeSF was to select TEKKEN as one of the official titles in IeSF 2012 World Championship. In last October, I participated in National e-Sports games in Korea as a representative player although I failed to make 1 win.

Wishes to TEKKEN

It seems that TEKKEN has few tournaments compared to its global reputation. In the IeSF 2012 World Championship, what players of TEKKEN appealed with one voice was the hope to hear the news of TEKKEN Tournament as many as possible.

I hope that the developer of TEKKEN recognize the needs of e-Sports tournaments of users and support to lead the invigoration of fighting action genre. I believe that developer’s interest and investment to e-Sports is connected to player loyalty and inflow of new players, and these aspects will be more than worth sales volume to the developer.

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